Best Western Americania
121 7th St
San Francisco, CA

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I stayed at this hotel from may 9th to 11th in 2012. I was not aware of the problem untill later on when I found out that my rash was not from mosquitos but from bedbugs. I stayed in room 116. I was bitten on all my arms and legs. My husband was not bitten. Other than the bugs was te stay in the hotel perfectly fine. Luckily we did not seem to bring any off the little bastards home...

I noticed a bedbug report on this hotel from Oct 6 2010 on

I stayed at the best western americania July 31 - August 5/09. We told the manager about the bed bugs but told him not to touch our room until we could put all our stuff away. We had tours & dinner reservations booked well in advance of our vacation. We would not get our money back on tours if we cancelled. He ignored our request & proceeded to tear our room apart with our suitcases & personal things still in the room. Needless to say the bed bugs went looking for a new place to hide. IN O

UR SUITCASES. When we returned to the hotel & found our room turned upside down, they did not have a clean room to put us in. First one stunk like smoke, 2nd one was still dirty, 3rd one was half clean, by this time - late at night, at least the bed was clean & made up - the bathroom had dirty towels in it and the sofa was missing from the living area. Wonder if they had a problem with bugs in the sofa.

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