Beresford Arms Hotel
701 Post St
San Francisco, CA

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I was there for 2 nights on the floor below the lobby. I didn't have anything in the hotel, but the day after I came back, I got bitten all over my legs. I was thinking that it's a mosquito, so I just put a cream and let it go. I sprayed my room for mosquitoes and other bugs. I thought it was over. Well, I was mistaken; I got another bite and another, until somebody told me what bed bugs are. So I lifted my mattress and found them running like crazy. The mattress was less that 2 years old, so no

chance I got it before being in this hotel. In addition, I inspected my suitcase and found couple of them there too. No more Beresford Arms Hotel for me.

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Hotel Beresford 635 Sutter 8/26/2010 - 8/29/2010

Checked in the Beresford Hotel at 635 Sutter, the sister hotel to the Beresford Arms on 701 Post on August 26 and stayed 3 nights. On the morning of the 27th I noticed a series of bites on my right shoulder and forearm that looked and itched like flea bites. Subsequent mornings the bites increased and now cover the other forearm and shoulder, as well as sections on my back and chest. Pray to god I hope they didn't get on my bed at home since

I sat on in after I arrived from the airport. Reported the incident to the concierge at the Beresford on Monday the 30th after my doctor told what I had contracted. He was nonchalant and very casual and told me that the manager would call me the next day. Believe they knew the room was infested and thought nothing of mentioning it to this poor unsuspecting tourist. How low can you go to make a buck! Anything with Beresford on it, equates to no scruples what so ever. How low can you go?

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