Aida Hotel
1087 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94103-1605

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just visited san francisco and statyed ion market street with 3 friends. the hotels in san francisco are very hard to find with a private bathroom and a capacity of 4 for under 300 a night durring the prime summer weekends. we thaught we saw some ants or somthing but didnt really think much of it. i remembered reading on reviews of this hotel that it had bed bug problems but never thaught twice because i had never encountered them before. didnt notice any problems while on my stay it was bea

utiful and had a great time other than leaving some souvineers behind and the hotel staff saying they didnt find them(my fault should have double checked.)on thursday the next week i noticed that i thaugh i had a bit of a rash developing around the back of my arm pits on my back and triceps. again i thaught it was a rash but im not alergic to anything as far as i know. within two days i now have over 100 bites covering from my fingers to my feet all along both sides of my body. with the itching somtimes becoming nearly unbarable. i have not been able to find them anywhere in my apartment but my girlfriend and i are now staying on the floor for the next few days.

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