Adante Hotel
610 Geary St
San Francisco, CA

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I stayed at the Adante Hotel from 10/1-10/7/2011 in Room 604. Symptoms of bed bug bites appears on 10/3 with a couple of bites on my hand. By the end of the week I had visible signs of 15-20 bites. I awoke to find a bed bug on my t-shirt the morning of 10/7. I captured and provided the bed bug to hotel management.

We stayed at this hotel on 9/27/11-10/1/11 in Room 210. One day after returning home on 10/2/11, I noticed several welts on my shoulder. Very, very itchy and two groups of three running in a line. I'm certain these are bed bug bites. They are nothing like I've experienced before from other insects and match the description, pictures, and patterns of these bites. Exercise caution if you stay here.

We stayed at this hotel on Nov. 19, 2010 and found bugs in our bed in the middle of the night. They changed our rooms after we complained but only moved us next door (as if there wouldn't be bugs in that room as well). We quickly checked the bed and found more bugs! After complaining again they moved us to a different floor with no bugs in the bed. An altogether awful experience!

My friend and I lived in this hotel for three days on Nov,20th before the Thanksgiving day,but the first night,we found many bugs in our beds. We found the bugs while sleeping until the mid-night. The bugs were really disgusting. It was so hard to find the bugs becauce they were the same color as the white bed sheet,but when you pressed them,you could see the blood on the bed. I thought that was the insect. It was really a bad experience there because of the bad bugs. Additionally, this hotel al

so changed another big room for us.
If you choose to live in the hotel,you should be careful.

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we went to adante hotel during 11/21-11/24.during the first day of midnight, we found at least 7-10 bed bugs. we changed the room after we told them. before we began to sleep, we didn't find bed bugs. however, in the morning of third day, we found a bed bug on my pillow again. after 4 days, i went to home, there were many red and swollen spots on my arms and legs.

We stayed at the Adante Hotel from October 29th through November 1st. The night of October 30th we found a bedbug in our room and quickly found three more. The hotel comped that night and upgraded us to a larger room down the hall. We didn't find any bedbugs in the new room.

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