Westin-Gaslamp Quarter
910 Broadway Cir
San Diego, CA 92101-6114

Found 2 reports:

Stayed in mid-June 2013 (sorry; don't have date handy). Awoke in the wee hours, feeling like I was being bitten or pricked by something, and threw covers back/turned on lights but didn't find anything.
Couldn't sleep; had itchy crawly feeling. Got up hours before I needed to, with almost no sleep, to find 6 bites. Looked this up on internet, and saw the exact "breakfast/lunch/dinner bite pattern on my leg. Called security and management immediately, and got OUT of the room. Spent my entire stay

helping them deal with this, sleepless, and then, when they finally got to me, they took and incident report, quarantined my room (and belongings), only to have Orkin finally show up mid-afternoon and say there was no problem. The hotel treated me like -I- was the vermin. Had stayed there a dozen times before and enjoyed it, but the bedbug bite were gross enough, without PAYING to spend my entire stay trying to help management who treated me first with hostility and incredulity, then lackadaisically--like I was gonna be in San Diego forever and had come specifically to do THIS and nothing else; and then documented with photos like I was a specimen, and just threw me out for most of the day (without my clothes or belongings), only to then say, condescendingly, that Orkin had found nothing. I was so exhausted by 4:30, when I could collect my things, that I used points to stay another night in another room. And guess what! When I realized my charger had been left in the bedbug infested room, and wanted to retrieve it, they had someone staying in it!!?!?

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Stayed one night in room 536 on August 15, 3013 and found a cluster of 7 bedbug bites on my stomach, and one big bite on my hip. Notified the hotel and they called in Orkin, but called and claimed not to have found any bedbugs, which to me means that the bug(s) is/are still there. I am certain these were bedbug bites. Otherwise my stay there was pleasant.

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