Western Inn Old Town
3889 Arista St
San Diego, CA 92110-3004

Found 5 reports:

Room 271
My girlfriend got chewed up bad. They didnt do squat for us!

I just submitted a report for Western Inn. Apparently they did get reimbursed and the manager was kind. But they find bedbugs at the Western Inn.

My friends came to visit me in SD March, 2011-
They got bedbugs. No support from management.

I stayed in room 375 on Saturday, September 4th. I have bites all over the left side of my body. I slept in the bed closest to the door, my friend who slept in the other bed does not have any bites. This is the only hotel I have stayed in and therefore I know that the bites are from Western Inn. I reported the bites to the front desk and they said they will look into it and they haven't had any reports in "that room".

In January of 2010 I stayed here, I do not recall the room number it was on the third floor.

I woke up itching and there were several bed bugs on the sheets. I also saw a very big one.

It seems that they had bed bugs before because the front desk person said something to that effect.

They moved us immediately and put us in another room.