Town & Country Hotel
500 Hotel Cir N
San Diego, CA 92108

Found 7 reports:

OMG... stayed here for a few days last week and got dozens of itchy bites. I changed rooms and had a similar experience. Either this place is infested or I carried the bed bugs with me from one room to the next. Freaks me out that I probably brought them home too... Staff was not helpful as they sought to limit their liability instead of putting guest and staff health first.

In town for a conference April 2014.
Slept in 4th floor room in horseshoe.
Wound up with several bites on my arm.
Found out when I returned home that they
were probably from bedbugs. I washed my
clothes in hot h20 and am hoping I didn't
bring them home with me.

My daughter was at the Town and Country for a few days startling July 27, 2013. got bitten so bad she had to go to the hospital Bed bugs were in the room.

March 19 2013:
Here in the Garden Area for a meeting
Second day, so far 2 bed bugs, expecting to find more, no bites... yet Woke up with one crawling on my sleeve lucky I sleep in a sweater

Was there for a conference and had them on the 4th floor at the back of the horseshoe. Carpet was also sticky. The infestation was pretty bad because I wasn't even looking and found them on top of the top sheet.

Woke up after my second night with bites all over. Told the staff and was moved to a new room, but they were very light on the apologies; I don't think they wanted any liability. I threw my suitcase out when I got home and dry-cleaned everything in it.

Bedbug infestation in Town and Country Hotel during convention March 16-18, 2012 requiring trip to doctor's office for treatment.