The Sofia Hotel
132 W Broadway
San Diego, CA

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I stayed in this hotel from October 26-30, 2015 in room 714 and was bit five times. When I shared this with the hotel manager he said he had not heard of any complaints even though upon research, I leaned of the complaint that happened one week before my stay. I believe the entire hotel is infested with bed bugs because of their failure to properly treat it. My minor children, grandmother, husband and I have continued to be bitten and as my home has become infested even though I have worked to

try to resolve this problem to the best of my ability. I have learned to not expect anything from this hotel because they are quite heartless in their treatment of not only trying to remedy their issues with bed bugs by their denying the existence for years and failing to assist after they have caused the problem to innocent people. If you have stayed at this hotel and have experienced the same problem and would like to seek some form of relief, I would encourage you to email me at [email protected] This type of issue needs to be brought to the forefront and hotels should be held accountable to customers who unknowingly will become harmed based on their failure to treat or respond to these issues.

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Bed bugs in room 304 Oct 18, 2015. Saw one go across my bottom sheet and the found the infestation at the bottom of the mattress. It could have been prevented by a daily check on a check list given to staff. We were removed to an upgraded room, items laundered. Still it is disconcerting to leave there, go to another destination before returning home to have to once again put everything in a dryer, wash and dry and throw out my luggage.

LOVE the Sofia and would stay there again... but stayed in Room 502 on Thanksgiving evening (2014) and they definitely had an infestation.

First my visiting sister woke up with what I assumed were hives. I figured maybe she had an allergy to the laundry soap on the sheets or something. Then about 3am the next morning (after returning home) I woke up completely covered in bites. Took some benadryl and covered myself in calamine lotion, and now there's no question in my mind... these are defin

itely bedbug bites (I've been bitten by them once before when staying in New York). We're both itching like crazy now. It's awful, and really unattractive.

Again, love the hotel and when I called to tell them about the problem they couldn't have been more understanding and apologetic even though they hadn't heard any other complaints. Just hope they get this handled fast... I wouldn't wish it on anyone else!

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