San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina
333 W Harbor Dr
San Diego, CA

Found 6 reports:

March 5th, 2014
Woke up with three bites in a row on my arm. It has to be bed bugs.

Stayed in two rooms, 803 and 823 on weekend of 7/26-7/28. Did NOT see any bedbugs and I don't think any bites. I also pulled up the sheets and mattress cover on both beds in both rooms and didn't see any evidence of bugs. Had a weird looking little thing on my pillow on room 823 that could have been a bug shell, but I'm not sure. I keep everything in ziploc bags now in hotels, even my duffel bag, so even if there were bugs, hopefully I avoided bringing them home with me.

Stayed 9/23/2012 South Tower. Multiple bed bug bites.

Stayed in room 924 from June 21-27. Multiple bites appeared after I got home. Found a dead bedbug under my suitcase 3 days after returning home. Never had a problem before. Called hotel, they are investigating. I noticed another report around the same time on this site, if you would, please call the hotel. Apparently mine is the only call they have rec'd about it.

North Tower, Room 2324, bites showed up on my torso 3 days after I stated there in June 2012.

Rm 2255, came home with bite marks all on the side of my body. Multiple bites

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