Ramada-Plaza Hotel Cir South
2151 Hotel Cir S
San Diego, CA 92108-3314

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We were guests at the Ramada in checking in on 9/23 and out 9/25. We discovered an issue with bedbugs our first night there and called to complain the same evening. 2 of my children were bit. We called to complain to the front desk of our problem and they offered to move us to another room that was a smoking room, however I declined that offer and had them check to see if there were any other arrangements that could be made. They proceeded to tell me that they could put me in a room that was

similar to the one we were staying in and that they would compensate us by not charging us for our stay. We moved to our rooms that evening/morning now 9/24 and spoke with the front desk supervisor and told her I was aware of the infestation issues that could be at hand should our stuff (luggage and belongings not be handled correctly) and possibilities of infections my children may be faced with after seeing a physician; she contacted her manager who then responded with "give them 100.00 for some clothes to purchase for 6 people and have their belongings sent to our washer and dryer, also let them know that we will send an exterminator to come and check their luggage and all other items for any types of pest control issues" we were given the 100.00 that was not spent, because there was simply not enough money to purchase entire outfits for 6 of us, and our clothes were washed however no exterminator was contacted to come to our room and check our belongings or the room that was infested with bedbugs that day. I know because I have spoken to the front desk and their employee informed me that they had not been contacted. I called to speak to the general manager and he never responded with any type of follow up after. I am home now and have contacted their corporate office and spoke with a Sanjay Patel and he is also of no help offering the same type of customer service which is "none". This was the worst stay ever, my children are traumatized as well as everyone who booked a room there in our group after seeing these bedbugs and dealing with this staff and their management, we are disgusted and unsatisfied with the efforts they have made in making things better, which is none!

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