Old Town Inn San Diego Hotel
4444 Pacific Hwy
San Diego, CA 92110-3107

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In response to our valued guest’s recent comments: We were very upset when we learned what this guest experienced. Our guest’s comfort and enjoyment are our priority. Our guest was really minimizing the problem when she referred to an “infestation in our area.” What we had told her is that this problem is nationwide, particularly in international getaway cities like New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Every bedbug problem begins with a bug arriving in someoneâ€

s suitcase. People travel and without meaning to may carry these little pests in their luggage and/or clothing. Not only are hotels dealing with this problem, but also airports and people’s private apartments and homes. We take this matter very seriously; our responsibility to our guests is to find and eradicate any bugs as soon as they arrive. As soon as this epidemic started several years back, we implemented a very stringent inspection procedure. Our housekeepers are trained to look for these pests on a daily basis as they change linens and clean the rooms, in addition, we are continually rotating in-depth inspections of rooms where beds are taken apart, headboards and pictures are taken down and furniture moved. We can’t stop them from coming into our hotel, but we can do everything in our power to find them right away. We recommend that before checking into any hotel, you ask if they have a bed bug inspection policy. We have a guest handout that explains our inspection procedure, as well as offering some tips on what to look for when arriving in any hotel room and how to protect yourself after checking out.

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Feb 2011 me & my spouse woke up one morning with small bites I had a total of 9 bites they circled my body in almost a complete line . My partner had seven bites down the left side of his body. We stayed in room # 145 we reported this to the front office they apologized & refunded our money for the nights we stayed . And said that the entire city was dealing with the infestation & they had no control iced the problem but they were doing routine inspections of the rooms . The owned called me as w

ell & apologized they were very understanding & sympathetic but it didn't make the situation better . I myself had an allergic reaction to the bites & they became infected so I just finished a bottle of sulfameth an antibiotic which I had to take for 10 days twice a day along with pain killers prescribed by the doctor since once the bits became infected the swelling was very bad and painful. What upsets me is that if you know there is an infestation in your area I feel you should inform your guest to take precaution I later learned on the Internet that sprinkling talc powder ( tricalcium phosphate ) on your sheets beforeaukng down stops the bed bugs from biting they don't like the powder so baby powder will work as well . I hope this information helps some one avoid this unfortunate situation & in old towns defense they were very friendly & I truly enjoyed my stay until I was attacked by the bugs !!! :(

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