Howard Johnson San Diego Seaworld Zoo
1631 Hotel Cir N
San Diego, CA 92108

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We stayed in Room 207 from July 12-14. On our second night, my granddaughter suffered over 100 bed bug bites on her arms and legs. I found 2 live bed bugs and killed them to show the front desk. We checked out immediately. THey did refund our hotel stay, but I've already paid more than that in medicine (benedryl, calamine lotion etc.) and cleaning costs and we're still not done with the child being itchy and miserable.

I've stayed in hotels all over the world and never had this happen. It'

s clear this place has been infested for years. The health department should close them down.

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I recently stayed at this hotel on a work project in the area.
I hadn't noticed any bites on my body until the last day of my stay after checking out. I sustained several bites on my left hand and forearm and dozens of bite marks on my left inner thigh and buttox. This hotel is absolutely disgusting and to find out by doing research that this hotel has a long history of a bedbug infestation makes me want to contact an Attourney.
Hotel stay 2/20/15 till 2/24


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Me my wife and my 2 year old daughter stayed at this motel two weeks ago the first room they gave us had bed bug feces all over the back of the head bored and also a hypodermic needle and an old condom my mom was also staying in a seperate room and found feces on here head bored so we switched rooms i fully inspected it and was in the clear see i do pest control so i know what im looking for the front desk was very non helpful and would not lower our rate or compensate us in anyway just gave us

a new room which was non smoking which i wanted smoking and a queen bed when we ordered a king this place is a craphole please do not stay there you think hotel circle should be a great place for the family but please be aware

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I've also had an incident at this location in October of 2008. The five of us sustained over 1000 bites, my daughter – 344 bites, my son1 = 426, my son2 = 139, my wife = 136 and myself = 69, I have good photos and records. I've been working with the Hotel issuance to compensate. As of 4/22/09, I’ve given-up with them. I’m looking to find an attorney. Does anyone know where I can find an Attorney that will handle my case.
Reach me at [email protected]

I found two dozen bed bugs on the sheets the morning after I stayed at the Hotel Circle Howard Johnson (room 219, checked in June 21st and checked out June 22nd) with my wife and son. On June 22nd, bed bug bites appeared all over my wife's arms and legs. The bed with the bed bugs was the one closer to the bathroom.

The episode with Howard Johnson's Hotel Circle location was emotionally distressing and provided a great inconvenience when we were on the road, out of town. I hope this bed bu

g infestation will be dealt promptly so other travelers will not have such a negative experience at Howard Johnson.

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