Homestead Studio Suites San Diego - Mission Valley
7444 Mission Valley Rd
San Diego, CA 92108-4406

Found 2 reports:

Previously Homestead Suites, now Extended Stay America. Room 325. Stayed for a week and a half. Everything was fine until 3 mornings before checking out. Woke up with bites all along my arms, neck, some on abdomen and back. No one but me was in the room until midway through my stay, my room was serviced. This is probably when the bed bugs were introduced by cleaning personnel. I checked the sheets that morning as well and found exoskeletons of bed bugs which I showed to the manager. He offered t

o move me to another room and pay to do my laundry. I don't think that's enough. This whole thing was just a huge inconvenience!!

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Room 314

Multiple bug bites on my legs

Room 262

My brother Don got bites on arm, torso, and legs.