Friendship Hotel
3942 8th Ave
San Diego, CA 92103-3245

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I wish to remain anonymous. My email is I have seen bedbugs & been biten -- my son too. I told the manager mid December 2013, but no response. Other people here have also seen bedbugs here. I actually live in the building across the street which is also the same hotel: 3927 8th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103. #37

Beg bugs! Blood stain (probably from squished bug) on comforter. Dirty mattress and box spring. Mold in shower. Holes in door and walls. Shades are broken and don't pull down even half way. Shower leaks considerable amount of water. Carpets are stained and dirty. Smells of second hand smoke.

Bed bugs all over the room I am in coming out of both dirty mattresses. Various sizes and colors. I think there is a super strain here as they are huge. I itch like crazy at night and have bumps all over my arms and legs. They are more annoying than the cockroaches.

I have been staying at the hotel for about a week now. I moved from arizona to try to get services because I have health problems. I felt something tickling my ear and rolled over and opened my eye and looked at what appeared to be a bedbug crawling on my pillow. I took a picture of it if you would like to see. I can send it through my email but it had a small head with a big round body and tannish brown in color. It might have bitten me because I had recently a bite mark on my lower back but I

am not sure. This place also has cockroaches and mildew/mold problems as well. I will be reporting to the BBB as well as the health department as well as I have developed pnemonia from bieng here (doctor just diagnosed me that yesterday)

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