Days Inn San Diego Airport Convention Center/Harbour View
1919 Pacific Hwy
San Diego, CA 92101

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November 2011.
My husband and I stayed here for 5 nights. Our first night was ok, but with the train noise, we asked to move to a room that did not back onto the rail tracks. The new room looked fine but my husband woke up with bites/lumps on him after the second night. We haven't experienced bed bugs before so didn't know what they were. We thought it was hives (as he has itchy welts all over him) but after antihistamines proving to be ineffective he looked for other causes. It wasn't until ou

r last night that we suspected bed bugs. We couldn't initially see anything in the bed / mattress, but when we looked the next morning we saw them!!
We informed staff, Arthur was very apologetic but didn't know what to do/say except sorry. We were initially sent away without any offer for a refund / compensation.
I went back (after other guests had left the reception area) to again express how angry we were, and that we potentially have to throw out all our possessions / luggage and / or pay for laundry for our entire bag's contents (we live in Australia) and won't be home for another 3 weeks.. Arthur by this time had called his manager to get approval to reimburse us our final nights stay. 5 nights for the price of 4 in a bed bug infested room.. Total room cost $330 And consequently have to throw out our clothes / shoes / luggage and replace them: total loss of luggage / clothes $800-1000. I really don't think the reimbursement of $100 for our final night was sufficient do you?
Stay away from this place or at least check that they have successfully managed their bed bug outbreak!

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