Flamingo Inn Motel
8621 Garvey Ave
Rosemead, CA 91770-3272

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I stayed at "Flamingo Inn" for a few days in the late 2012. I found a bed bug by a bed, so I told the hotel about it. They told me that it's possible that we had brought in since they've never had any bed bugs before!! I was so angry & told the hotel people off. Anyways, the owner told me that all the Bed Bugs can be killed by just putting all of my belongings into plastic bags & leave them under the hot sun all day because the heat kills bed bugs. He also said "In India, we just slap & kill al

l the bed bugs!!" and he slapped his one hand against his other arm and showed me how they kill bed bugs in India. After all the argument, he agreed to let us out of the hotel sooner than our actual departure date without charging us any penalty!! (To my opinion, hotel should never charge any penelty if they have a bed bug problem!!) He also demanded my boy friend (who was paying for the bill) to sign a letter which the hotel owner (Indian guy) had prepared. The letter was basically written that my boy friend can't sue the hotel because of this bed bug problem". My boy friend has no intention to sue the hotel at all. (I refused & didn't sign that letter, but I have no intention to sue them either about this bed bug problem, because if the hotel wants to fix the problem, they can do that by treating the hotel rooms by heat every month for 2-3 years) I had called the health department of that area, but the lady who had answered my phone call said that they will be contacting them in one (1) month because they have other important things right now. After we left the hotel, I was so scared that the bed bugs went into our luggage and they will follow us home!! Anyways, I would never want to stay there nor recommend any of my friends to stay there. The owner and his family treated us so badly & handled this matter unprofessionally. Though rooms were reasonable, I don't want my friends to experience horrible customer service & scary bed bug problem.
Good luck whoever is planning to stay at "Flamingo Inn" Motel in Rosemead, CA. They advertise this hotel on "hotel.com" and one of those on line discount sites as well. P.S. My bed bug bitten arms are completely healed now:) Thank Goodness!!

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