Spa Resort Casino
100 N Indian Canyon Dr
Palm Springs, CA 92262

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Stayed at the Spa Resort for 3 nights, April 25, 26 and 27th. I was in room 437. I will start off by saying I've stayed at this hotel many, many times with no problems what so ever. That is why I did not feel the need to check the bed and room for signs of bed bugs, because I trusted this hotel and knew it to be clean and well kept. I honestly wish I had checked when I checked into this room! It just goes to prove, that you must check your room every time, ALWAYS! Even if you trust the hotel. In

any case, the first night seemed to go okay and there were no bites that I knew up the next morning and went about my day. I got in late the night/early morning of the 25th/26th, and as I was falling asleep thought I saw something move on my pillow as I was reading email on my iPad. I checked the pillow and couldn't find anything, so I figured I was just really tired... The next morning I woke up and went about my day, later that day a welt about the size of a nickel started inch away on my right leg, on the back of my leg right above the knee... Again, I thought since it was 1 welt, that maybe it was a spider bite... Got through my day, took a nap in the bed that day, and then went back and went to bed that night not thinking much of anything. On the morning of the 28th as we were getting ready to check out, I noticed a nymph crawling on my pillow. I took a picture of it, then I showed my friend that was in the room with me. As we were leaving the room, I saw a larger adult crawling on the bed that my friend had been sleeping in. This was 10:30am!!! Again took pictures. Talked to the hotel manager, he said the pictures look like ticks, and that bed bugs were to visible to the eye. I told him he was wrong, and if the bugs were ticks I'd have a few still stuck in my arm! I went on to say either way, there shouldn't be biting bugs in my room! He never apologized, or offered anything, and just said thanks for letting him know and that they'd inspect the room. So unnerved even after being home for 2 days... Still itchy with welts, and freaked out that I might have brought a bug or two home with me... Needless to say, I've had my car detailed just incase something hitched a ride on my luggage in the trunk, I took off all my clothes in the garage and placed in a plastic bag along with my clothing in my luggage and washed and dried everything on HOT HOT HOT! I've sprayed my luggage with Hot Shot Bed Bug spray, and I have traps and diatomaceous earth being shipped from Amazon as well so that I can make sure that nothing came home with me and if it did that I know about it! If theres one thing I've learned, its that even if you trust the hotel your staying in, check for bed bugs, check every time!!!

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