Jack London Inn
444 Embarcadero W
Oakland, CA 94607

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I reserved two nights at this hotel for 1/17/20 and 1/18/20 for its location. I only stayed a few hours the night of 1/17/2014. Being that Jack London is a tourist place in Downtown Oakland, I didn't expect this place to be the disgusting dump I encountered. Their non-smoking room reeked of smoke. I called the front desk to let them know of my discontent.They didn't seem to care. The amenities claimed on their site were not available. I paid $70 which was a discounted rate for local government.

It was late, we had a long trip, and my children were tired. I cancelled the second night there and then and left my luggage at the door. I regret not having followed my instinct and taken the loss and walked out!! We had our own covers so we didn't sleep in their sheets. It was after midnight and figured we just had to get through a few hours. The room was dark and most of the lamps did not work. I fell asleep for a couple hours and got up to do some work on my computer. At about 5:30 am, my daughter wakes up screaming from a bug on her face!!! I took a picture of the bug as it scurried through the sheets. I was so angry that I didn't bother to search for more. I grabbed our things and hurried to the nearest store to buy bug spray and sprayed all our covers and luggage and placed them in large plastic bags until we could get to a place and wash everything. No doubt it is a bed bug in the picture!! When we checked out, the front desk asked why we were checking out so early and I told her the room was full of bugs. She said nothing!! She still proceeded to charge me. I left messages with their manager with no response. I am not exaggerating when I say that I would have had better accommodations in the back of an alley!! This place needs to be shut down!! Now I have read all the horrible stories experienced at this place in several websites. It amazes me it is still open. My regret is that I compromised my children's safety at this place!!I will be contacting the City of Oakland and placing a complaint.

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September 13-17, 2013

DON'T STAY HERE,!!!!!!!!!!
Shared room with my 88 year old mother. Checked in and was given a room which was dirty and completely torn apart with bed leaning on wall. Got a different room which though grungy seemed okay. First morning I woke up with some itchy spots on my thigh, thought it was a flea. Next morning I had some itches on my arm.

About 5 days after I got home i started to break out in red spots. The many spots on my arms itched like hell then started b

urning and became painful to touch. More spots kept rising moslty on arms and hands but also elswwhere. Looked online, sure enough these are bedbug bites. Today I finally looked through the backpack I took to the hotel and found 2 bedbugs in 2nd stage: these are only 2mm so very difficult to see. Have an exterminator coming tomorrow. The ~200$ we may have saved staying at this hotel is nothing compared to the 1000$+ in lost wages, flea products and exterminator costs, to date. Haven't even started to check out elderly mother's home yet.

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Room 203 stunk liked dirty diapers and the window was right above trash containers for the hotel. The second room 310 had filthy carpets and smealt clean. Like spraying perfume on a stinky dirty, sweaty body. The reason we stayed, limited funds. I was traveling with a child and we arrived late into Oakland. Had to stay close to Amtrak since leaving early in the morning. Didn't know there were 3 different Jack London places. Anyway, got bit on arm and face. I knew something was not right there.

6/20/13 this place has bed bugs. Daughter bitten in multiple places. Management will not respond and employees on duty not providing upper management information. Was told we would get a refund for our stay thus far...no action on that yet either. Will be reporting to health department police department and potentially legal attention as well. Messing with the wrong people that time!

No evidence when I checked in June 7 but woke up to three on the pillow and bed. Were on the other bed as well.

Bitten all over!

Management was nonchalant and will not return my calls or emails.

Found one bed bug on pillow and didn't know what it was, took the pillow and throw it in the shower, the next morning my find woke up and had bite marks all over, stay away motel 6 is better

This was reported to Alameda County on 5/9/12. Room 410 was found with live bed bugs. Several attempts to meet with manager were made. Finally on 6/26/12 follow up showed there was still live bed bugs and treatment had not been provided. Advised of the possible spread if not handled promptly and professionally. As of 7/16/12, manager has not confirmed treatment.

I stayed in this motel and was bitten by bedbugs. This was around July 2011. Management was informed and acted like they could care less. My children was also bitten by the bedbugs. After scratching the bites they became infected. DO NOT STAY AT THIS MOTEL! THE BEDBUGS WILL BITE!

A 5-year old child was bitten by multiple bedbugs on May 13, 2011 that resulted in an allergic reaction that required medical treatment.

I stayed here on Columbus Day Weekend of 2010 and my sister and I found bedbugs on the nightstand and under the mattress of one of the two queen beds. We stayed in a fourth floor room and the front desk was not cooperative on moving us. We eventually moved down the hall and slept in our parents room.

I had seen two on one bed and thought they might just be strays, because I found no sign of others anywhere on this bed. I eventually looked over and saw the one on the nightstand and two more

crawling on the side of the other mattress. Under the mattress in the seams of the box spring were droppings and more bugs.

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