Motel 6
4600 Watt Ave
North Highlands, CA 95660-5514

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On the evening of November 17, 2012, room #125 in the bed closest to the bathroom ... there they were waiting for us to fall asleep. I already had them in the back of my head after seeing the conditions of the room (even though I know bed bugs can live in even the cleanest/nicest hotels - I always think of them no matter how nice a hotel it is). I woke up around midnight to use the restroom when something caught my eye running across the sheet in front of my face. I quickly killed it with my

finger to find that it left a pretty big bloody streak on the white sheet. I immediately killed another between myself and my 6 year old daughter. I realized what they were and inspected the bed to kill about another 15-20. Not wanting to sleep there anymore I started inspecting the bed next to me where my husband and son were sleeping. Not finding any in there we all sleep in a very uncomfortable dog-pile for the night. I didn't sleep much as I was inspecting our bed often and killing bed bugs that wandered onto the empty bed next to me. We informed the front desk in the morning and they seemed surprised to hear it.

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