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10/12- 10/16 2013 Room 120
night one, no issues.

Night two: Slight creepy crawly sensation when going to sleep, but sometimes that happens in a strange room. thought nothing of it.
Next morning, woke up with a couple of bug looking bites. Blamed mosquitos, thought nothing of it. Saw some blood spots on the bed, but due to an acne breakout on my back, assumed nothing.

Night three: upon going to bed, found a small clearish brown beetle-looking thing with a darker spot on it's abdomen.

Since Arizona (home) is rife with non-pest beetles, flicked it off the bed and didn't worry about it.
Next morning, woke up with rash/bugbite like sections over both elbows and in a three inch radius on my stomach. On a hunch, googled "What to bed bug bites look like" all pictures look similar. Switch to "What do bed bugs look like", and found that the small 'beetle-like' bug matches a Stage three larva perfectly. Upon inspecting the bed, sheets and mattress (which was encased in a towel-like bag, so little info there) I could find no more live bugs, or casings, but found more small blood-like spots on the sheets. I would assume this means a very recent or small infestation. I had no flashlight, and thus no good means of checking the carpeting beside the bed.

I approached the front desk and reported the bedbugs. The desk clerk responded with a very disbelieving "We've never had that problem." I was insistent and showed her the bites, and finally was told that someone would come 'check the room' for us. I was a bit perturbed with the response, but went back to my room to wait. In a few moments (I'm assuming after she called and spoke to the manager) I received a much more polite call informing me that I would be moved to a different room on the other side of the hotel.

Last night is being spent in the new room, 105. inspected sheets and mattress to best of my ability before settling in. Will check sheets again in the morning.

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