Sheraton Gateway Hotel
6101 W Century Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045-5310
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

Please remember this site does not check the veracity of any bedbug reports.

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Stayed here September 27, 2013. Pre-booked a double room. A bug was stuck on one of the sheets. I couldn't really tell what it was, but I checked the rest of the bed. No smears found. Called housekeeping and told them, they claimed it was not a "bedbug" just a "mosquito." More like a sucker bug who was clinging onto the sheets for dear life. I know what mosquitoes look like. That was not one.

Asked to change rooms, they were accommodating, however, they never brought us our room keys afterwar

ds, I had to go down and line up for good 30 minutes. The realized I didn't bring any ID so had to go back up the stairs to fetch a passport and come back down only to get in line again.

Story of my life. Only stayed a night-early flight the next morning.
But thankfully no bites to report in the other room.

see full report...

No issues, no bed bugs. Stayed in room 1106 for two nights in Sept 2013.

Stayed for three nights in room 1179 in late May. All's well. Pretty happy with this hotel overall.

Had an eventless stay in room 730 from May 6 to May 8. All is clean and tidy

Hi, I stayed at this hotel for 2 nites on Nov 19-20, 2010, in room 929, and I had no problems at all. My room was very clean, I checked the mattress for bugs, and I found no evidence of them. Just to re-butt the previous report from last year about this hotel. :)

Stayed at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel on 3/14/2009 - one night only. Room 425.

I discovered the bites a few days later - more than 30 bites on me. Everywhere. Did a lot of research online for bed bugs and these bites are definitely bed bug bites - in the pattern, very itchy, etc.

I had a bed bug dog come and sniff my house to confirm I didn't bring any home with me and thankfully none are here.

It was a horrible scare!