Rosslyn Hotel
112 W 5th St
Los Angeles, CA 90013-1418

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I lived at the Rosslyn Hotel in 2009 and it was the worst experience of my life. That place is majorly infested with bed bugs.

I ended up with bed bugs because my apartment flooded and one of the maintenance guys gave us some mattresses since ours were ruined and waterlogged. I was ignorant to bed bugs so I gladly took the mattresses, as they were super clean and comfortable. Worst mistake of my life.

I ended up with beg bugs in my apartment and they tried to eat me alive. I realized I a

m severely allergic to these little monsters and I was getting debilitating bites that led me into the doctor's office and off of work.

The manager at the time would do nothing to help me. He kept saying I didn't have bed bugs, but I showed him some of the ones I killed. I also called the health department who said I didn't have bed bugs and never did a real report. I called him and told him the horror I had lived through being eaten alive by these devil bugs and he showed absolutely no empathy. I asked him if he had checked behind the sockets and in the walls and he told me no. I actually had to EXPLAIN how bed bugs work to a fricken guy at the Health Department and he kept saying that I didn't have them. I told him the mattresses had been disposed of and I got rid of most of my furniture because of this.

I talked to my neighbors at the time who were disabled and they told me that their apartment was so infested, they got rid of all their furniture and now sleep on air mattresses and have only plastic furniture. They still got bit, but not as badly.

The manager of the building at the time decided to "Fix" the problem himself in the 200ft apartment by setting off 3--yes THREE roach bombs off in the apartment at one time. 1 roach bomb (which does NOT kill bed bugs--you idiot) can be used in a space as large as 2000ft. This was a 200 or less sq ft apartment, and he set off THREE. This is illegal--you are not allowed by law to administer pesticides in a way that conflicts with the instructions on the package. There was so much poison in my apartment, I couldn't stay there anymore. I was getting headaches, chest pains, and was sick from the roach bombs. I couldn't stay there any longer.

The management wouldn't let me move out, even though the apartment was infested with roaches, bed bugs, and a bee hive was outside of my window and bees were coming in. BEES!! Can you believe that?! Finally, I realized I had to get out by any means necessary. I had to write a formal letter to the management because the manager was ALSO sexually harassing me. He would enter my apartment without my consent. He kept asking me out and would show me pictures of women in magazines (bikini models) that he said looked like me. He even offered to lower my rent if I would go out with him. CREEPERSVILLE. So anyways, I had to use his sexual harassment to break my lease in addition to the pest problem.

This place is the worst place in the world. Don't even think about moving in here. It's filled with roaches and bed bugs--very creepy staff. At least it was like that when I lived there.

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About 2 weeks ago (10/15/10) I tore my bed apart to change the sheets. I found my bedding covered with bugs. At first I thought that they were ticks (I have 2 cats). I inspected one of the bugs. A tick has a hard exoskeleton and cannot be crushed between human fingers. This bug I could squeeze with my fingers and kill. I jumped on the net and looked up bed bugs. YESSIREE! I have bed bugs. After following the decontamination procedures, I still have them. I will eradicate them!!!!!

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