Rodeway Inn Convention Center Los Angeles
1904 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90006-3704

Found 4 reports:

I stayed for 4 nights to attend a conference at the LA Convention. I never had bed bugs. First I thought they were mosquito bits, then in the next two days there were more bits. The frontdesk was trying to deny it until I showed them my bits. Whether it was infected by other travelers or they were there for a long time, the fact is that THERE ARE BED BUGS in this hotel!!!

Do not stay there.

We stayed for 3 nights, 1/6/11-1/9/11, in order to attend a conference at the LA Convention Center. We noticed bites while we were staying there and unfortunately managed to bring them back to our respective homes (across the country from each other). We were bedbug free until we stayed here! The Rodeway Inn denies having a problem, and its manager refuses to accept calls.

We stayed for 5 nights while attending an exhibition in the Convention Center and found ourselves biten by bed bugs.
We told the people in the lobby but they just changed the bed sheets, and we left the day after with more bites, so the bugs are still there.
In addition the carpet was lousy.
Don´t come to this hotel if you want to keep healthy.

Stayed 9/30-10/3. Checked for bedbugs on arrival but saw no signs. Hotel is basic, but was otherwise clean. My daughter had a couple bites the first night but didn't mention them; covered with bites after the second night, but thought mosquitoes from being outside. Only when my son and I had them the third day did we realize it was bedbugs. Textbook symptoms and appearance. Afraid to ever stay in a hotel again!!

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