Residence Inn Beverly Hills
1177 S Beverly Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90035
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I also experienced bed bug bites at this hotel. I stayed there in October 2009. I don't remember the room number, but I believe it was on the second floor. The hotel denied that anything was wrong, and I was told no one else ever complained. The response from Marriott was underwhelming. On any complaint given at this hotel, the staff denies responsibility. Totally unacceptable! I filed a complaint with the Los Angeles Health Department. I am sorry to see that this problem still exists.

I had just checked in to the hotel and was attempting to fall asleep when I felt something crawling on my arm. I quickly turned on the light and saw two Bed Bugs crawling on my arm.

The hotel was no help with the issue, and I will be reporting this to the local health department and to Marriott corporate.

My wife and I stayed at this hotel on or around May 14/15, 2009. I do not remember the room number but that would be on file there. The next morning I had bed-bug bites all over my body. By day 4 I was covered with bites and had to see a doctor who confirmed it was bed-bugs. Though they are 90% gone now, they sill itch a great deal. I had not stayed anywhere new within 3 months prior, or afterwards so I know they came from that hotel.


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