Radisson Hotel Midtown Los Angeles
3540 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90007-4313

Found 2 reports:

October 27th, 2014; stayed at the USC Radisson hotel. Encountered itchiness and uncomfortable bumps the first night but thought it was an allergic reaction. Second night, more bumps appeared. By the time the stay was over (4-night stay), bumps all over shoulders, legs, arms and more. Bed bug situation in that room, the room above and below. Contacted management.

We were at the Radisson across from LAX on 8/19/2011 and woke up to two small red bugs in our bed. We googled bed bugs and it was an exact picture of the ones in our bed. We didn't have any bites on us but just thinking about it we itched all day long! We told the front desk upon check out and they said they were going to seal off the room and check it out. But no apologies were given from them at all!

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