Hollywood Seven Star Motel
1730 N La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046-3010

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11/7/10 in room 209. I lifted up the end of the bed before I went to sleep and didn't see any signs of bed bugs. I woke up and saw and black thing crawling around on my pillow. When I went to kill it a lot of blood came out. Then I lifted up my sheets from the top of the bed and pulled them back to see many around ten black dots and dried blood spots. The room was already dirty with trash, cigarette butts, shoes and empty alcohol bottles! When the hotel guy came up to look he squished them and

they were all full of blood.

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I stayed in this hotel on the 15th of August. My Hotel was the Hollywood Seven Star Hotel, room #203 on the second floor.

When I pulled back my sheets to check for anything I didn't see any problem, so I got in and went to bed. During the night I woke up to the sensation of something crawling on me, I removed my covers and found four very large bugs crawling on my arm and stomach.

I squished one and blood went everywhere. Later after a hot shower, I couldn't find any bites on me, which I t

hink means that the blood was from a previous guest and the bugs were hiding back behind the mattress. If one had bitten me I could have been infected with anything the previous renter may have had.

I went down to the front desk once it was open the next morning, and reported the bugs. The manager didn't seem to care.

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