Hilton Los Angeles Airport
5711 W Century Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

Please remember this site does not check the veracity of any bedbug reports.

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After waiting for more that 30 min for my room at 2 am as the hotel was overbooked, I was beaten by bedbuggs and the management didnt care!!
Called the GM assistant as he was not available of course and the only thing that I got was a room change! Not even a call from anyother management of the staff, not an apology NOTHING!
Tryed to get in touch with a doctor in house and OF COURSE they dont have...over 60 b ites should worry somebody correct? At least it worries me.
This happened just this

morning May 6 2013 and If they try to dispute this report I will not be shocked and they have not done anything right!
Definetely not a place to be recommended!
They definetely do not care about their clients as they have a hughe turn around of guests

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Seems to me all these "great clean hotel" reports came out after the Executive Management responded. Red flags, definitely won't be staying here.

The nurse doesn't have her facts straight. I have seen bed bugs, though not at this hotel, and they are definitely not microscopic...especially when engorged with your blood. I took pictures of them with my cell phone quite easily. They are the size of small ladybugs, but definitely not as attractive.

Stayed at Hilton LAX for three nights in early August 2011. Looked hard for evidence of bedbugs and found none. Room was clean throughout. Except for terribly stained rugs in many of its corridors, the hotel appeared well maintained.

I stay at this hotel, at least 12 times a year for more than 3 days at a time, and never had any problem. I found the room clean and neat to my satisfaction always.

Stayed there in August with absolutely no problems. Very clean.

Have stayed in this hotel multiple times with no problem. How can you take a picture of a bed bug? They are almost microscopic. Think this customer may have just wanted a free room for the night and created this story.

I stay there one to two nights a week EVERY WEEK.

I have never had an issue. careful what you read on the internet. this is just a gripe site for phobic people

The report listed below is invalid. The room that this guest occupied was inspected by an well-regarded pest control service (Steritech) and found negative for bed bug activity. As a courtesy to the guest, the room charges were refunded. Correspondence between the guet and the hotel and the guest occurred on several occasions over the phone and through e-mail to ensure the guest was confident in the resolution.

The Hilton LAX takes any and all claims of bed bug activity extremely seriously

and has a strict procedure in handling them.

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September 4, 2010. Hilton LAX Airport Hotel. Woke up with bite marks on my arm, and saw a bug moving near the pillow. Smashed the bug, and reported it and gave it to the front desk agent, who said she would show her supervisor. Numerous calls to Hilton management, & Director of Front Desk Operations and NO reponse from HILTON. Getting annoyed with the run around. Hilton will not take any responsibility. I have photos of the bug. It has all been (supposedly) documented with Hilton.
[Front d

esk] doesn't seem to return any calls.
Perhaps NBC would like the story ? as Hilton is just hoping I will forget about the situation.

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I stayed there in mid-July. I can't say I know the conclusive evidence but I woke up in the middle of the night with intense itching/biting on my right shoulder, which was the side down on the mattress.