Four Points-Lax
9750 Airport Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045-5404

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My boyfriend stayed here July 21, 2012 (he works 80+ hours a week so I have to write this for him). The service was good and he finally reached gold member status, however we think people should know that there were bed bugs in his room. He was upgraded to the best available room which was room 735. He was looking for the TV remote when he woke up in the morning. Thinking it had fallen between the headboard and the mattress, he moved the mattress and saw three bed bugs. They weren't moving, so h

e figured the room had been treated and they were dead. A few minutes later when he moved the mattress back, there was only 1 bug there- that's when he realized they were alive. He caught the bed bug and took it to the front staff. They were very apologetic, and apparently knew exactly what to do- leaving my boyfriend to believe this has happened before. My boyfriend also had bites all over his arm in the morning. The staff were great, the review is just to warn people.

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