Beverly Laurel Motor Hotel
8018 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

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We are here now and found two bed bugs in our room 316. One is a juvenile and one is an adult. They are full with no room to move us to. The night clerk admitted to a problem on the other side of the hotel. Feels foolish to stay but it's midnight. Argh.

My company had sent several of us to LA for a training seminar. When I walked in it looked like a flee bag hotel. The bottom of the beds had torn mattress covers and sheet. The bedspread had something on it and the bathroom had mold sliding doors. The microwave was dirty and I felt dirty just being in the room. There were homeless people sleeping by the pool area not far from our outside door access. I complained to the hotel Lobby who said they would tell the manager, resulting in no phone call

s or anthing. I asked for a light bulb and when I asked the man delivering the bulb "Does this hotel have bedbugs or ever had bed bugs?" There was a very long pause then he said "NO". I felt like something bit me but jumped out of bed and did not see anything. My company was told and all they said was sorry and did not even move us to another hotel. After flying back home I dumped everything on the porch and put all in plastic bags spring with Lysol and washed everything immediately.

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We stayed here in October 2006 for two nights. One of us had bite welts after the first night. The other had welts all over his body by the time we got home. We panicked, thinking we had brought them home. Covered the suitcase in plastic and put it out in the sun for a few days. Washed everything in hot water. Luckily, the welts went away and there were no more.
The room itself had an oddly sweet odor to it. Come to learn that that is a sign of a major infestation.

i called the hotel manager, who admitted that there had been a bedbug problem a few months back they "checked" the room that i had stayed in and found no bugs...i'm sure it wasn't a thorough check. i had bites, in patterns of three, on my chin, chest, arms and neck.

i got home and bagged my entire suitcase. i dry cleaned and hot laundered all the clothing that had been in the hotel.

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