Alexandria Hotel
501 S Spring St
Los Angeles, CA 90013-2303

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Moved in Jan 2015 1st 3 months ok but thereafter not good. Roach and bed bugs infestation crawling into all areas: microwave refrigerator sink pipes! Various sprayings not helping. The bitting synontmous with predatory people stalking and hacking the electrical lines. Haven for witchcraft practices.

Moved in Jan 2015 1st 3 months ok but thereafter not good. Roach and bed bugs infestation crawling into all areas: microwave refrigerator sink pipes! Various sprayings not helping. The bitting synontmous with predatory people stalking and hacking the electrical lines. Haven for witchcraft practices.

So I just moved in to this place about a 2 months ago and finally got used to the noise and what not. I figured "hey it's not that bad."Then tonight my girlfriend notices a couple bites which causes me to do some investigating and sure enough its beg bugs, killed a couple and caught one in a plastic baggy.

I've heard about all the complaints and thought it might have been blown out of proportion, but no it's spot on. STAY AWAY FROM HERE!!!

I used to visit my friend there regularly and even considered at one point moving there since rent was cheap and its convinient for the night life.

As I kept visiting my friend 7th floor I kept getting these weird rashes/bites but didn't make the connection. I finally started paying attention to my surroundings and I started to notice these little critters. What finally convinced me was when I saw a group of Bed Bugs laying on the roll of toilet paper.

I stopped going there completly to a

void bringing any bugs home or into my car and its Horrible that my friend ask that I go visit but I make up an excuse to see them and it even goes as far as not picking them up or having them visit me at my place just to avoid Bed Bugs being brought into my Home (YES ITS THAT BAD!)

At one point I visioned getting a place there where I be able to bring dates back to my apartment after hitting the local bars/clubs imagine the disaster that would have been!

Don't believe management this place does the basic minimum when it comes to everything and half the tenants there are on SSI or General Relief.


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Ok. 3am No sleep- work night. So we moved in here because it was the only place we could afford. We both have educations and are professionals but a bit down on our luck and hoping to make a new start of things.

We moved in and asked questions about bugs early on. We were told that there had been a fumigation and the problem had been solved. The first month was practically bug free. We purchased additional roach killers and placed them in all the right places. By month three we killed a ro

ach a day either in the bathtub or on the stove. By month six we are now killing half a dozen with only two of five being adults. They come from the walls or something.
Over the roach phobia and learning to live with that, keeping everything as clean as possible to avoid things getting worse.

Bed bugs. We'd been annoyed since month one that they had identified bed bugs in a unit nearby and for precautionary measures would be inspecting our unit. I finally made arrangements to be available. The inspection was a scam. Someone knocks at the door and asks "Do you have bed bugs?" Our answer was No. They take a peak inside. Ok. "well we'll do it anyway." So they spray for bed bugs. I'm all about prevention. Next month one of us starts getting bites with allergic reactions. We chalk it up to mosquitoes and spiders. It gets worse and then it goes away. Tonight i see something on the sleeve of my shirt that looks like a lent and go to flick it and blood squirts. I go to the bathroom to immediately wash my sleeve and see something crawling on my collar...splat more blood. Then I found another on my workbag on the floor. This one gets away. I pull up the corner of the bed sheets and find tow or three babies crawling around. I capture one in a plastic baggy. So much for sleeping tonight. Laundry room is closed. I emptied my work bag and it's soaking in the tub with hot water and soap.
A neighbor said some years ago his wife woke up to a rat on her leg in bed because they'd left the window open. So things could get worse but what a nightmare.
:( It's probably not worth getting the good deal.

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All of these claims are more then valid. Management is tied to contracts with the film industry and seem to care nothing about the complaints. This will go on until we all file a class action suite and sue these people for costs of damages mental and physical and all of the rent paid.

My room was good for four months and then became infested with mites, roaches, bed bugs, and spiders, I have at this moment over 100 bites with some causing bruising and can not sleep.
The infestation i

n this building is beyond manageable and the management has a system for dealing with it. Because of my complaints they are evicting me, because my lease is up and they claim I don't qualify to live there anymore.

The owners prey on the disabled and mentally ill who have no choice, and those like me who need to live downtown for work and can't afford a 1K Studio apartment.

These people are criminals and need to pay for their crime.

If you want to be involved in my class action suite email me at [email protected]
We all need justice and this needs to end. I don't care if this is a "landmark". It is more like a prison in Mexico.

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Without being too specific... I used to live here..

Kept hearing stories but never experienced anything then all of a sudden i found myself getting bitten and every time they came to check they would say it was probably a spider... They NEVER thoroughly checked and I ended up being the one that found each bug every time.

Their pest control people fully dilute the spray so these things never die or go away and they dont assume any responsibility for your unit being infected. They hide behi

nd "we treat the unit" and what happens thereafter isnt our problem.

I endured for almost a year because it was some weeks yes some weeks no until I finally moved out!

DEFINITELY DONT MOVE HERE!!! This place is beyond infested!!! The rent is slightly cheaper but you will end up paying a lot more than you bargain for and losing much much more.

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Alexandria Hotel on 3/16/11

My roommates and I went to the Mezz Bar on the 2nd floor of the hotel to see a friend's play. We were there maybe an hour and a half, came home and noticed a bed bug crawling around the entry way of our house. At first we had no idea where it came from and frantically searched our entire house to see if we had an infestation. Checked the beds, carpets, furniture, everywhere. We didn't find anything and found it odd that the bug was crawling on the carpet rather th

an hiding somewhere so we retraced our steps and immediately concluded it must've hopped on one of us at the busted old nasty hotel we were just in. Found this website and it validated our theory. I can't believe they let people live here. This place is disgusting and should be condemned!

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My Boyfriend and I needed a place badly and we felt so fortunate to easily get into this historic building. I love old Hollywood Glamour so I thought it would be a nice adventure living in this mysterious building. Something in my gut was telling me this was too good to be true. Boy was I right!

Like the other people on these posts have said before..... I never ever EVER EVER thought about a bed bug in my entire life or never knew what it was until now! I work in the food business and I have

to wear long sleeve shirts to cover the lets see um 20 welts on my arms and legs!!!!!!!!!!! Not only do I look like a junkie, I've become extremely obsessed with bed bugs and I have not had a decent amount of sleep since moving in. Management sucks at their job and so far no terminator has come even though they were supposed to be here two days ago. Our mattress isn't even infested yet but time is running out and we are looking for a bed bug free place to live. We are so desperate that we are willing to leave everything behind. No human beings should have to live like this . What disgusts me the most is that they advertise it low income housing and there are people that have to live in these conditions that can't afford to move out! Its wrong and if there is a hell ...all those people in the leasing office are going to burn in it! The ALEXANDRIA IS JOKE!

My boyfriend and I always shake our heads when we walk past the leasing office on our way out and see young students or senior citizens applying. Biggest mistake we ever made moving here!

STAY FAR AWAY!!!!!!!!! Any of the downtown old buildings need to be fumigated properly not this one unit at a time bulls***

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June 2010 #736

This is the third and final time they have treated my unit for bed bugs. I moved out of this nightmare, and would not recommend this place to my worst enemy. I got the bedbugs in November and was so horrified I threw most of my belongings away. Shortly thereafter, they were back and worse than before. The management was so negligent at first, they did not help in "prepping" my unit and complained because I could not do it well enough (their excuse for the bugs recurrence). So a

gain, I cleaned out my unit, threw everything away- books, records, pillows, clothes, shoes, etc. I was NOT reimbursed. They said they would do my dry cleaning, but when I got my pillows and linens back they were soaking wet and there were actual BUGS ON THEM ALIVE.

I am a recent college grad and a theatrical actress living in LA, so I am not rich, but I have standards. I am a human, and management would ignore my phone calls and voicemails until I knocked on their door and spoke to Lamont face to face. He promised to work with me cooperatively and assured me that it was the neighboring units that were refusing to be inspected. They could not barge in there by force, so treating my unit was basically pointless because the bugs were coming in from all directions and extermination was futile.

So why make me throw all my belongings away and spend HUNDREDS on dry cleaning and inconvenience? I couldn't even sleep in my own apartment the last month I was paying rent. The welts were horrendous and painful. Before treatment I slept in garbage bags in the bathtub. NO HUMAN SHOULD HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THIS AND PAY FOR IT.

I lived in this hellhole for 9 months before enough was enough. This is a problem that will never get fixed unless The Alexandria evicts everyone and fogs the entire building. Not going to happen.

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I have had two sprayings to no avail. they want to do a 3rd but I was promised the units above and below mine would be inspected bc what is the point if they keep spraying mine and they keep coming in from other apartments. their staff (the men that do the cleaning/inspection) AND my neighbors have both told me they have not been inspected when I was promised over 3 weeks ago that they would be. My unit was fine until this week and they are back. I have bought many sprays, foggers etc to do it m

yself bc clearly what they are doing isnt helping nor are they following thru. I will not spend my entire lease not getting sleep because of this, I will not pay rent for an apartment I can't even enjoy. I have friends coming to visit and I can't even have them stay here for fear they might take bugs home or worse get the welts that I have on my body from them. I even have an airmatress and all my furniture was brand new upon move in, and I refuse to throw it out or someone is paying me for it. this is ridiculous.

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March 22 2010

I live in the Yorkshire Apartment #107 710 South Broadway,LA since 2006,i had no Problems for almost 3 Years,within the last 3 Months the Building has been attacked by a mayor Bedbug infestation.I have had to dispose of much of my property.Still the Prolblem seems to stay. I had the Exterminator spray twice ,no avail. I baught within the last Month over 100 Dollars worth of spray Foggers ,Powders ,STILL they keep coming back.I am at my witts end ,i bought a Airbed ,.Several Mont

hs ago a City Inspector came .walked to the frontdoor,asked everything ok,i said yes not knowing why he was there.He did not inspect anything.I am begining to think that maybe he got payed to pass the Inspection.God forbid if I am right.My Sleep is robbed becouse i have to get dressed like I am going skiing. I cant take it anymore

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In the U.S, most major metropolitan areas are experiencing a bedbug epidemic. This problem is not unique to low-income housing; bedbugs have been reported in expensive hotels and apartments complexes throughout the nation.

The Alexandria is currently aggressively treating the problem with the consultation of Terminex, one of the leaders in this field.

No expense is being spared and treatment is being provided to anyone who requests it. However it must be noted that tenant cooperation is

critical in order to be successful in eradicating this problem. Historically some tenants have not been cooperative and so management is now taking on a firmer approach in ensuring that all tenants allow access to their unit.

We are committed to providing a bed bug free environment and have already made great strides to this end. The number of complaints we have received regarding this issue has dropped dramatically.

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I moved out of this hell hole last month. Everything I owned had to be abandoned or treated. I'm now living in a bed bug free environment. Yay! But I still have scars on my legs and arms resulting from bed bugt bites. Shame on the owners/managment of the Alexandria Hotel for falsely advertising their property as "low to moderate income" micro lofts. Nobody, regardless of income, should have to live in the unhealthy, bug infested conditions which prevail at the Alexandria Hotel.

the mangagement should accomodate the tenants

they think that the lowly unheard voices live there.

guess what?

do not move in, until the health department of Los Angeles County advises!!

these tenants will no longer be voiceless and faceless once the hotel is sued by these people!

I am being eaten alive by bedbugs. I have bites and/or scabs on my arms, legs, neck and face. My unit has been treated twice but to no avail. I would never recommend anybody move here.

Horrible infestation on the 8th floor since January of 2009. Management has failed to treat ajoining apartments so the bedbugs have spread to the entire building. My unit was just treated for the 4th time!!!!

I have been numerously bitten bad. I live on the 8th floor #812.I've asked for the bug investers to examine the room but said i have no bed bugs.I still keep finding them dead on the floor and some alive.Sept. 30th 2009 is my last month of my lease and i have not slept there since.
I moved out for the first time and im bumed out that i have this issue.Im currently staying at my parents apt. till my lease is up and hoping i could find a new apt.
I have had this issue for a month now.Today's da

te is 8/25/09 The Alexandria Hotel.

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8th and 9th Floor have bedbugs

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