Vagabond Inn
150 Alamitos Ave
Long Beach, CA 99999

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I stayed there on 2/12/13.
I got up to use the restroom about I returned to bed I saw a small dot on my pillow. I looked closer it it was a bed bug.I told my girlfriend to get up and we checked the bed and we saw 2 in the mattress folds. we got dressed and went to the front desk and showed them 2 live ones. They wanted to give us another room, we refused got our money back and left.Don't stay there anyone.

I felt something on my arm in the middle of the night. In the morning I found a dead bedbug on the bed sheet and four small blood spots by where my arm had been.

at 10pm on thursday night, my son said, "daddy, daddy, i saw a bug". i grabbed one of two bottles of 32 oz 70% isopropyl alcohol that i carry with me when i travel just for bed bugs. alcohol will kill them and their eggs. my six year old son said, "he went under there daddy". i squirtted the alcohol under the rim of the night stand rim. after a few seconds, a bug fell to the floor. my wife captured the bug on a wet wipe and i put the wet wipe with the bug in a container i had. my wife immediatel

y stated lets get out of here. i sent her to the front desk to explain the situation while i did research online about the vagabond inn at 150 e. alamitos ave, long beach, ca. 90802. she returned stating that the desk clerk said to check with the manager in the morning. at that time i went to the front desk with my wife and son and the bed bug in a see through container. i asked the desk clerk had they ever had a problem with bed bugs here ever. he said no. at that time i showed him a article on my android phone online where on jan 12, 2011, a report had been made about bed bugs. he then stated that other than that incident, they have never had any complaints. i requested that i not be charged and i would find other accomodations. he said, see the manager in the morning that there was nothing he could or could not authorize. i went back to my room, packed, did this report and stayed awake, as long as i could.

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Night of Jan 12, 2011.

Stayed with a group in several rooms. Woke up at midnight with bites and looked down and SAW one on the bed. Tangled with bed bugs before so immediately knew what was going on.

Don't know where they were hiding since I checked the beds before going to sleep but they were there. The staff changed my room immediately but my entire group was icked out and we left the next day. Was the only one affected but ew.

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