Queen Mary
1126 Queens Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90802

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Stayed on the Queen Mary recently on a weekend and sure enough my boyfriend was completely bit up by bed bugs. He had rested his head between the pillow and his arm all night, the next morning a series of bites, and later all over his body. All the symptoms as well as the rashes were that of bed bugs.

Stayed on Father's Day, I was bitten at least 30 times in my back, elbow, chest and legs. Could not sleep. When to complain in the middle of the night and they offered to move us and they refunded the room fees ; they gave us free breakfast vouchers at the cafe. I had an allergic reaction to the bites and I had to be on steroids for 5 days.

My kids woke up with bites all over them im looking into it

Two mornings into my stay in April 2014, bites appeared on my back, elbows, and face. The bites matched images of bed bug bites I found online, and, when I checked the sheets, I found tiny, recent bloodstains, typically evidence of bed bugs.

The hotel staff immediately moved me to a new room, where I did not have further issues, but I did not hear from management then or after I submitted an email complaint.

We have been attending the annual Scottish festival at the queen mary in February for many years and this year we came home with bed bugs in our luggage. By the time we realized it we had a serious problem on our hands that we're still dealing with! Needless to say we will not be staying there any more.

I checked into the hotel on Friday, August 31. When I packed the next morning there was an adult-sized bed bug on a garment of mine that had been on the bed for a while. I looked at it closely to make sure it was in fact a bed bug. It was. It had the small head, flat reddish-brown body and darker stripes/folds.

I quickly killed it and have since thrown what I could in the dryer and dry cleaned everything else before bringing it into my home.

When I talked to other people about it, they had

also heard there were previous problems on another deck, but that it had supposedly been taken care of. The problem appears to still be there.

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