Loma Linda Inn
24532 University Ave
Loma Linda, CA

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Stayed here on the evening of December 18, 2013 in room 32. Found 15 bites in linear groups on my neck and arms within 24 hours of staying at this hotel. Did not see any evidence of bugs. This may have been related to a stay at a San Diego hotel the following night, but I am not sure, and neither hotel has had reports of bed bugs.

I stayed at this hotel July 12, 2009 until July, 15, 2009. I noticed a bug on the wall near the headboard the 2nd night of my stay. I squashed the bug with a Kleenex and red material gushed out. Being that I had personally never experienced bed bugs before in no form I just thought that it was a bug that had come from the outside since there was a crack between the door and the opening of the door. Well I first noticed bites on my right hand but I thought it was an mosquito bite so I ignored the

bite. Well upon my return home I have over 100 bites in various locations of my body arms, side of face, neck, back and chest. So I went to the doctor and I was advised that it is bed bug bites. I immediately contacted the hotel but the Manager was not in so I left my name and number for a return call with the front desk rep. No return call was received so the following Monday I again contacted the Manager of the hotel and I was able to speak to him verbally about my situation and of course he acted as if I had done something wrong. He was not very concerned with me or my situation nor was he concerned about the prospect of having bed bugs in the hotel. He advised that he would personally inspect the room and have it exterminated why would he do that if there are no bed bugs in the hotel. I asked him to please check the room I stayed & he advised me that he has had occupants in the room since my checkout that are staying for 15 days. So again I asked him for the safety of the occupants to please personally check that room, headboard, mattress and so forth for the little critters. I am not sure if he has checked or will check but I'm 1000% sure that room #25 has bed bugs. Please stay away from the Loma Linda Inn.

Thank you,

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