7911 University Ave
La Mesa, CA 91941-5018

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I booked through Our stay was from July 27 - 31 in room 105. Though nothing fancy, I had no problems with the hotel until approximately one week later and my arms and legs were covered with bites. All the sites I reviewed state that bites do not show up until 7 - 9 days after being bitten.

We boked through A party of three checked in on August 7 2012. The appearance was nic and clean. Our room was 109 I removed the sheets and matress protector no signs of blood or bed bugs. We went to bed about 1:00am my son was standing up by 6:00am sayimg it's hot something bit me. I saw a bed bug and smashed it, there was another one in the pillow case and one on our bed. I captured them in a cupand gave them to the Manager. The only thing that could be done was to credit our money

back to our account and Hotwire find us another Hotel.

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Bed bug bites in neck, legs, hands in room 229

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