Motel 6-Hollywood
1738 Whitley Ave
Hollywood, CA 90028-4809

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I may have gotten bed bugs from this location on April 11 and 12. I definitely have the bed bugs and stayed at this location. I have had an exterminator out and these buggers are murder to get rid of. We saw some blood on one of the mattresses in our room, on the side, at the foot of the bed, corner of the matttress, but did not make this connection at that time!

I just called the property location and will follow up with Mike, the General Manager tomorrow for investigation. I already hav

e a report in to corporate Motel 6 offices.

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December 25-26, 2011 Entire body bit by bed bugs. Reported it to Motel 6 corporate office, no response from the franchise owner!

October 25th through 29th, 2011.
Each time i get into the room, each time I wake up I have new bites and itching on my legs. They might be fleas because I see these black tiny things jumping on and off my legs. Seriously disappointing because now I have to change motels and I've come to expect more from Motel 6. I almost feel betrayed by the franchise.

Woke up with Bed Bug Bites on my legs

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