Hollywood Celebrity Hotel
1775 Orchid Ave
Hollywood, CA

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Stayed in room 209 on Sep 18 and 19 2010. Came away with about 5 apparent bed bug bites. We have had past experiences with bed bugs and recognize the bites. We didn't see any trace when we inspected the bed, but that only means the bug presence, in this room at least, is not severe.

There is a misperception that bed bugs mean a dirty room or hotel. This is not true. It only means that, likely some other guest, at some point in the past, brought them to the hotel. This hotel is otherwise cle

an and pleasant. They just need to effectively treat this problem.

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I am extremely disturbed that i found this website with the exact same situation as ours. We too, stayed in a room at the end of the hall on level 2 (one bedroom suite). My partner has been suffering from red itchy welts since we left the US.

Initially, we thought the quilt looked dirty, as though they had not been changed for some time. We thought nothing of it and just dealt with it.

But after reading your experience, we are thorougly convinced that we too, are now plagued with the prob

lem of scabies.

I am absolutely disgusted that the hotel would continue to let such poor standards of cleanliness affect the health of its patrons.

Beware fellow travellers.

Suffering Aussies (Sep 2008)

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Stayed for 2 nights in room 219 (second floor, back left) in late July, 2008. On the second morning, happened to wake up around dawn and saw a bug crawling through my bed. Jumped out of bed and saw another bug, as well as blood marks on the sheet. Upon inspection, found more spots on the back of the bed around the tag. This was my first encounter with bedbugs. About a week later my sister and I (who I was sharing a bed with) were covered in bugbits (apparently we had a delayed reaction). T

he hotel refunded our stay, but responded to our tripadvisor post about this by saying that they inspected the room and did not see bedbugs (clearly a lie, since we left the ones we found/killed sitting on the counter) and therefore likely didn\'t treat the infestation. We also saw another post about someone getting bites after staying in the room at the end of the hall on the 2nd floor, which is likely the same room.

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