Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Garden Grove
12867 Garden Grove Blvd
Garden Grove, CA

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Arrived for a week of vacation. Day 3, in the morning I walked back into the room from the bathroom and say a bug crawling on the bed sheet. Upon further investigation, found another bug crawl I g near the pillow--smashed both bugs with the back of my finger nail and blood spurted out. Called the front desk, they sent the maintenance man to look at it. We found 2 more, he took pictures as well as me. The holiday staff offered a new room and bonus points for the inconvenience. Some I was wi

th other family members we really could not leave--my wife left everything a flew home on thanksgiving day. I took a new room. I feel my trust has been violated. I paid for a vacation, selected this hotel and had expectations of a safe, clean environment. My trust is broken, my wife left the family (9 members) vacation. 3 rooms paid for, total odds 6 beds, but bedbugs found on one bed but everything in the room is suspect and contaminated. Very unhappy, not taking anything home with me to prevent introducing bedbugs into my home. Not happy, been a ihg member, trust is broken and future family vacations are in question.

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