Embassy Suites Anaheim South
11767 Harbor Blvd
Garden Grove, CA 92840-2701

Found 5 reports:

We stayed in hotel October 4-5. We noticed bites on 10-5 after we left hotel. When we called they were very dismissive and seemed like they blamed us more than anything. We always stay at Embassy Suites but can't anymore after the way we were treated. I didn't know about this website until after this incident. The hotel obviously has bugs and doesn't take claims seriously.

I woke up at 1:00 am and found a bed bug on my pillow. You know the kind of blurry vision you have when you first wake up and can't focus, but you jump out of bed? I called my teenage son over and the bug was large. We turned the pillow over and found another tiny bug. Whoa.... So then I freaked out, turned another pillow over and found two more live bedbugs on my pillow. I freaked out, called the front desk where two people came up to the room to confirm they where bedbugs. they put me into ano

ther room, where I immediately showered and washed my hair and changed clothes. I then did research for the remainder of the night and it said to put all clothes in ziplock bag to ensure you dont bring the bugs home where you can put your clothes in the dryer for 20 minutes. I checked with the front desk and they didnt have any. I left the clothes and suitcase there. Disgusting! I filed an incident report for an insurance claim through the hotel. I also got a bill for my stay the next morning. I had to go down to front desk to have them credit my account. They were nice about the incodent but I just cant come back. What is most disturbing is that there are three other complaints. I will definitely search the web for repoets before booking a room online again.

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Found bed bugs on both bed and pull out (May 29, 2012). Our 20 month old had bites on her arm. Upon check out requested to speak to a manager; was told all managers were in a meeting. Did an incident report w/ hotel . I left my ph# AND email and still no one has made any attempt to ctc me! took pictures of EVERYTHING - even caught live bug for hotel!!!
Hotel staff advised that bug will be taken to a 2nd party lab for determination if indeed bedbug. If so will need to contact their insur

ance company?!?! My main concern is bringing home the bug and it turning into an infestation - will get all items professionally cleaned upon my return to avoid this.

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We stayed there May 11th, 2012 and returned home and had a bite that was bright red, treated the following couple of days and it went away.

We stayed from April 8-12. Bites appeared on one of our kids while we were there. When we returned home, two more had bites. We have been home for over two weeks, and the bites are still big red and itchy. The doctor confirmed that they were bed bug bites. I contacted the hotel. I was notified that they did find bed bugs in the room. The hotel has been less than helpful or apologetic. We always stay at Embassy Suites, but after this, we never will again...not so much because of the bugs

but because of the way we have been treated by the hotel and the corporate Hilton office in dealing with the situation.

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