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Last night, my husband, 3 year old daughter and stayed in room 127. I discovered two blood droplets on one of our pillows. I was already unhappy with the hotel services earlier, when it took an hour and a half to be moved from a 'smoking' room to a 'nonsmoking'. I brought the pillow to the front desk and pointed out that there was blood on my pillow. I am in the medical field and am aware of what blood looks like when it is transferred to white linens.

The lady at the desk said, "it's not

blood. I know what it is. It's ink." I explained that I know what blood looks like and while my 3 year old daughter is sleeping here, I don't want anything that even looks like blood near her. She said that a little girl stayed there and she wrote on the pillows. I'm sorry, but that's bull crap! She then replaced the pillow case and handed it back to me.

In hind sight, I wish I had pulled the bed apart to search for bedbugs, but my family was tired. We had a long day of travel to see a family member who is dying. I will say that the blood on the pillow was consistent with photos I've seen online, which indicate a bedbug infestation. The receptionist's handling of the situation only added insult to injury when she dismissed my concerns that it was blood.

I wasn't going to report this incident here, because I never actually found a bug. But after the earlier entry, I decided to add my experience. Now, I am going to go and launder our clothes and shake out our luggage.

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Now i am being told I may/may not be able to sue, basically i was not an CIS investigator, i should of obtain evidence. I did not carry the right equipment to gather evidence????? I am 61 and suppose to carry evidence gathering equipment!!
I sent 2 emails on 11/30 & 12/01 about different problems faced at Extended stay Fresno, CA .
The main one is :
At about 12:30 am I woke up with allot itching and burning sensation on both of my arms. I saw on both arms were half full of welts and

by my thumb right hand I scratched my skin to the it was peeling.
I called down to the office asking for some rubbing alcohol, the young lady said she did not have any.
I said I have welts and I have bed bugs.
She stated she did not have any authorization to move me and the manger would not be in until Monday. I asked if there was any place to buy some rubbing alcohol, she did not know of any close place.
I walked out the building and I saw Kaiser Hospital across, I went to the emergency room, they saw me and they did not know what it was. The doctor said it looked like I was allergic to something, so he gave me a shot of Benadryl and a bill for $500.
I went back to my room and started to try to write my message to the company and I saw bed bugs all over the bed.
The Benadryl was taking affect, so I slept on the floor. Which was no better, I woke up again with more bits and welts.
AT 7 am, I went into the office; the young lady there asked what she could help me with. I said to start a full refund, you’re paying for a hospital bill of $500, I am contacting the company. She asked what the problem was, I Said I called last night that I had bed bugs and the young lady from last night did not have the authorization to move me. I showed her my arms and I said I was bit all night and I went to hospital for it.
She told me the manager would not be in until Monday, I said you better call her, I am going to get something to eat. I came back and she did give me my full refund, but no mention of the Hospital bill or anything else.
I feel I should be compensated for:
1) Being forced to stay in the room
2) Being bite and suffering all night long
3) For the hospital bill of $500
4) The unclean environment
5) Forced to sleep on the floor
I got lucky it did not trigger my asthma.
I am 61 yrs young and I did not need to endure what I went through.

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