Hampton Inn Foothill Ranch
27102 Towne Centre Dr
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610-2801

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I stayed at the Hampton Inn on November 23 and was supposed to stay until the 25th. The first evening there when I was getting into bed (my boyfriend had been already been sleeping for an hour) and when I pulled the sheet back found a bed bug! I have taken entomology courses in the past and knew what it was immediately. I used one of the disposable cups provided in the room to capture the bug. I then moved everything into the bathroom and called the front desk to ask if they were aware of a p

roblem. The first response I received from the receptionist was that he didn't know what a bed bug looked like and did not know what to do with situation and notified me he would have to call back. During this time I took multiple photos of the bug (as a recommendation for this site it would be a nice option to upload photos). After more than 5 minutes, I did not want to stay in the room any longer and called back. I was then told he was still looking for a solution. I told him I wanted to change hotels immediately. He stated he would have to call me back again. After waiting at least another five minutes we left the room to go wait in the lobby and did provide them with the bug and left it in their property. We were transferred to another Hilton hotel and the room costs were covered. However, my biggest concern with this issue was that I received a response back from Hilton's Customer Service responding to the bed bug and notified me that their pest control service had not identified the bug as a bed bug. I wrote back and asked what species it had been identified as, I was told it was identified as a mite or tick! For a major company to not use a reliable pest company to identify pest correctly is VERY concerning. They should also be able to tell the difference from a tick or mite, had it actually been one...I wrote back to Hilton and attached a photo I had taken and referenced the Mallis Handbook of Pest Control and several government and university websites to inform them the pest control company INCORRECTLY IDENTIFIED the bed bug. I have yet to receive another response from their customer service. For me this response helps explain how bed bugs have been so successful in spreading across the world at a rapid pace. Until adequate responses and preventative measures are taken, unfortunately this issue could get worse...

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