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We stayed here in August of 2012. It was the only hotel we stayed in on our vacation, the rest of the time was with family. I found bites on me before we left the resort, but thought they were mosquito bites and didn't think twice. When we came home, we found we had brough the bedbugs that were biting me, home with us! Had to be looked at by a doctor to verify they were bedbug bites, had to have our house treated, had to take 3 days off of work to prep our house for treatment, my children were t

raumatized, it was just AWFUL!! I tried contacting the manager, when I finally was able to reach him, he said he would look into it,called back, denied there was a problem, then called back again, because they got our reservation and building confused with my brothers booking. He never had checked our room, and then he never called back, after telling me that he really wanted to do something for our pain and suffering. Never received a phone call after that, even though he has had ALLLL of my contact information.

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