Doubletree Hotel Los Angeles International Airport
1985 E Grand Ave
El Segundo, CA 90245-5015

Found 5 reports:

Discovered bedbugs in my suitcase after stay.
This explains itching at night during stay.
Was staying on 3rd floor.
Room smelled musty

i was bitten by bedbugs in room 719 during my stay from 5/16-5/20/13. the staff were very nice, inspected the room and told me not to worry, there were no bedbugs, even though i had been bitten and showed them the mark. now that i am home more marks are appearing. this is scary as i have read the marks may take over a week to develop after a bite, BUT what if i did bring them home and the hotel told me not to take special precautions, meaning it could have been avoided. i am still communicating

with the hotel on the matter, as i do not want to pay to have my home treated. I still do not know if i have brought any bugs home, i just know welts keep appearing and i have been home for 4 days now.

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REPLY to Mike.
I have never stayed at this hotel,but I must objectively jump in, due to Mikes' irresponsible statement.
Mike is assuming that because ''he has never had the bites'',that said hotel must not have the bed bugs.

WRONG …With these little parasites X does not equal Y.

Research before you type things that make you look foolish,Mr general manager of this hotel,oops,sorry I meant

I have stayed at this hotel once a month for 3 days each visit for going on three years. I have never had an issue with bed bugs.

I was bitten by bed bugs on 7/21-22 in room 728.