Morongo Casino Resort and Spa
49500 Seminole Dr
Cabazon, CA 92230

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Stayed 2 nights. Checked in on December 12 with my husband and our 2 yr old and 6 week old baby. The first night I was in the casino most of the night and when I was in the room the baby was fussy so she stayed up most of the night with our lights on. We left hotel all day and returned around 5 pm. Ate at buffet at 730 then back to our room. About 11 pm woke to feed the baby. As I was feeding her on top of the white pillow was a tiny red thing crawling towards her. I squished it and nothing b

ut blood was left in pillow. I woke up my husband. We looked on the wall and seen 4 larger bugs crawling. Then we got up out if the bed and noticed them crawling on the sheets and towards my 2 yr old son. Quickly grabbed him and called front desk. Asked for plastic bags to pack our items and get the heck out of there. We were offered a suite but declined. If one room has bed bugs I'm sure more do. We took multiple pictures of the bugs.

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