Nash Hotel
2045 University Ave
Berkeley, CA

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I stayed here for almost 10 days. I noticed that I had bitten by bug here and there, but I was not sure if they were from bed bug. Last night I woke up feeling itch on my arm, and put light on to find a medication. It was 2am, and I found 4 bed bugs on my bed (they were to go back to mattress.) Being so scared, I decided to be up all night, and I ended up catching 2 more. The room was on the second floor.

The owner is a sweet man, but it sounded he is lacking of the knowledge about bed bug. I

reported it, but he said bed bugs never bite people, rather they live on water. Also, he didn't believe that they live on mattress (he believed it lived corners of rooms.) Therefore, I didn't get refund (well, I get refund for rest of my stay, as I decided to check out.) I didn't get any money for my laundry, spray and moth ball to repel bed bugs.

If you are concerned for bed bug, I recommend other hotels. I hope the owner will gain correct knowledge about bed bugs.

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