Vagabond Inn Bakersfield South
6501 Colony St
Bakersfield, CA 93307-6533

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8/28/2010 around 12am. I checked in and went to get something to eat before inspecting the room. I immediately stripped the bedding off the bed when I first entered the room. There were a few dozen black spots on the side seams and on the top mattress seams that were the telltale signs of a current or prior bed bug infestation. I immediately notified management. Management dismissed my claim and had a security guard look over the bed. The security guard tried saying it was a brand new matt

ress (It was not a new mattress. There was what looked to be a huge urine stain on the middle of the mattress along with what looked to be bed bug feces) and the black dots along the seams of the mattress were "crushed gnats." I disagreed. There were clearly signs of bed bug feces on the mattress and on the seams and what looked to be spots of dried blood on the seams that had been scrubbed leaving behind the discoloration that only scrubbed blood stains leave. The hotel management said they would not refund my money for both nights (I was going to stay 2 nights) as I had "messed up the bed" in the process of looking for bed bugs. The manager said he would refund the second night stay only. I have yet to have any money refunded to my account. I only hope that I did not bring any bed bugs home with me. I tried contacting the Kern County dept. of Health on Saturday, but they were closed and the recording said to call back on monday.

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