Motel 6
2727 White Ln
Bakersfield, CA 93304-6815

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I've stayed at this hotel numerous times. I've noticed that the last couple of trips have included those small, nighttime visitors we all hate- bed bugs. The first time I noticed them, I found one in the middle of the night when I turned on the light to go to the restroom. I immediately, pulled off the bottom sheet and found several more around the box spring. This was in room 203 or 204. The manager on duty tried telling me that there was no way there were bed bugs in the room. I moved ac

ross the street and the next day there were pest control people tearing the room apart and I called to request the room next door and was told it was unavailable- meaning, they found bed bugs. A couple weeks later, I had to stay there again because our company requires us to do so. This time, I asked for a downstairs room. I think it was 104. Again, saw a bug. I didn't even stay- checked out and told corporate not to do business. They didn't solve their problem. This was in March of 2013.

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