California Best Inn
1030 Wible Rd
Bakersfield, CA 93304-4126

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My sisters and I stayed in rooms 125 and 126- both rooms with two beds each- on 10/27/11 & 10/28/11. While my sisters were okay, I woke up with bites all over my body after the second night. After further inspecting the beds I saw blood splatters all over the sheets and live bugs crawling on the bed. Immediately my sister went up to the front desk to let the manager know. He completely denied any responsibility whatsoever and told her that we must have brought the bugs with us since he'd just ha

d the place inspected by the health department. She tried telling him that the only other place we'd been was at the hospital because we are all in from out of town to see our mother in the hospital, but he would not listen. So, she grabbed our other sister who went up to talk to him. Our other sister tried to tell him what he could do for us- give us a refund, offer an apology, give us money to wash our clothes. He said that we could wash our clothes at the hotel and he said "I'm not giving you a dime." Our sister then called her friend, a woman, who also works in the hotel business to see what she could do and when she was on the line with her friend, the clerk said "Say hello to Mr. _____" in a really sexist demeaning manner. He then asked to come look at the room and when he came back there he started yelling at my sister! Our other sister asked him to call the public health department and he literally said "that's not my problem." At that point we told him to leave and we decided to deal with it on our own.
Never go to this hotel. The manager is rude and will only deny responsibility. He will effectively call you dirty and blame any issues you have on you.

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