Valencia Inn
2630 W Lincoln Ave
Anaheim, CA 92801-6312

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In aug of 8/2014 we stayed for 2 week me my daughter and hudsband i was getting and went to office to let them know. The women who is very rude her name blanca call and maintence is in my room check with a little. Light i who also was very rude ... i asked him if was certified and he wasnt . And conti.ue to ask question said i probaby brought fleas from out side.. kinda odd ... i work my hudsbad works odd hours morn like thre fouthe young girl said we r midshift is a roofer when we went to pay

for room said we had to leave and she was confused as well we asked her the reason and she asked us that nobody said anything to us so she said she would get back at us when she did. She said that blanca said for traffic in our room but alowed us to stay another night mind you after she said to much traffic completely a lie and and she blanca never faced us valencia picks and choose who they want... now i see when i complained about bed bugs that had to be y blanca the main front desk lady who has no compassion power trip not caring that we would be homeless with our ten yr old we talk to our niebor and he tripped out and said he new they were lying and he lived next door and never seen noone at our rm besides my grand kids. and my kids. Just to visit. Guest are alowed to have company. Until 10pm... i say test staffing at the valencia and el dorodo for meth and lets see who is dirty i can say i know of four of them.. just saying ..

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Stayed at Valencia for 9 months. Linens changed twice. Once at 6 months, and next at 9 months. The last linen change was crawling with bedbugs!Huge established colonies. Never seen any bugs before. Office said the room needed to be treated for 24 hours and we couldn't be in there. Didn't understand at the time that this means "check out". Left my items in room and the room was entered and my iphone and laptop were stolen. The motel brought the bugs into my room and I was forced to leave. HEADS U

P: Don't Tell The Office You Have Bedbugs. Use your own linens and bag theirs up tightly! Leave in the hot sun to kill them.

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My Daughter , her Boy friend & Grand Daughter stay there for 3 moths Oct 2013 -Dec 2013 , when Our Grand came for Christmas visit We kept Her , she had Bed bug bites all over Her . We called the front office to tell them and they threw them All out !!! Not there any more .

They still have bed bugs but do not inform the office unless you want to be put out. Several people have bed bugs and if it is reported you are made to check out immediately (day or night) and they do not re-rent the room for a couple weeks but to save money the do not have the room properly treated or dispose of the mattress. I know this is the only place some can afford to stay but if you choose to stay there know that you will have bed bugs.

January 2011
I s stayed at the Valencia Inn, for the first week it was ok, did not notice any bugs. But my 27 year old daughter had these giant RED PUFFY WELTS the size of a GOLF BALL on her LEGS and her ABDOMINAL AREA !!! Went to the Emergency Room and was told that these were BED BUG BITES!! We never saw these bugs. But, by the end of the second week, I couldn't believe my eyes. I was working the late shift that wk, getting back there around 3a.m. And the bed was crawling with bed bug

s, my clothes in the dresser drawers had the bugs , the byuathroom wall had quite a few crawling there and on the door as well. I caught and badgged about sixty bed bugs large and small, and bought then to the office, I had already paid for the up coming 3rd wk, so I wanted this issue addressed, the best they would do was to spray the room, which it sure looked like it wa NOT the first time , the maintenance guy looked like a joke in the comics, spraying what looked like weed killer, and he only stayed the bed area and the mattress...... SHOULDN'T THAT BED be BURNED or THROWN AWAY? Oh no .... Not satisfied with their idea of a solution,, I asked fit my money back. They refused to refund me and also refused to refund me the deposit s well, BECAUSE I DID NOT GIVE prior Notice

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10/5 - One guest advised that the room previously had bed bugs and after a couple days stay I found one. Two days later I found 3 more--2 that woke me from sucking my blood! It's a good thing tomorrow is checkout because I am completely disgusted! ***There are also cockroaches infesting the kitchen counter (under neath sink area).***

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