Ramada Limited Maingate North Disney
921 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA

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This definitely ruined our vacation. Both my son and daughter were bitten 15-20 times on each arm by the 3rd day. My wife asked the manager if they had an issue with bedbugs and they said they had a new owner and had no issues. By the 3rd it was so bad we had to take them to urgent care to help with the itching. My wife then found 5 live bugs on the bed and took them to the manager. They refused to do anything other than moving us to a new room. We said 'no thanks!' and moved to a differen

t hotel.

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We stayed in at this hotel for a whole night on Saturday Sept. 3, 2011. We stayed in room 124, are family of 4 got bit by the bed bugs. One of my kids got it the worst on arms and legs. I would suggest that you find a better hotel. Dont let it ruin your vacation.

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