Quality Inn & Suites Anaheim Resort
1441 S Manchester Ave
Anaheim, CA

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We had a very pleasant stay once again at this Quality Inn on 9.26-29.2014. This particular hotel is older and the rooms are smaller than some of the newer hotels in the area. However, the free hot breakfast, price, and short walking distance certainly make up for the smaller room size.

Since I have not stayed at this hotel for more than a year, until a visit in August 2014 I was a little surprised by some changes. First, there is some nearby construction. They are building a new hotel, so e

xpect typical construction noise on the weekdays. No big deal unless you sleep all day. Second, they have made some small upgrades, which are appreciated. Third, when I googled the hotel to book our September 2014 trip, I was somewhat puzzled when my search came back with "bed bugs".

First and foremost, my family travels frequently and we are very good at searching for these unthinkables. I believe that there is too many people that are simply misinformed, or possibly uneducated about them. Everyone that travels should be looking for them, and KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR! Protect yourself and learn more at www.bedbugregistry.com

Next, please be aware that virtually ANY hotel can and likely has had or does have problems with bed bugs. YES...everything from The Surrey in New York City, The Bellagio in Las Vegas, to the dumpiest hole you can find. The issue is whether or not they take the necessary steps to prevent a problem, and to clean up and contain the problem once there is one.

Upon careful inspection of this Quality Inn at 1441 S. Manchester in Anaheim, CA on Sept. 26-29, 2014: the beds, including the rollaway unit in our rooms had approved mattress encasements on them. There were absolutely no signs of bed bugs on the headboards, nightstands, dressers, drawers, hangers, chairs, carpets, walls, edges of the carpeting, baseboards or any other area. This means NO bugs: dead or alive, NO dark spots, NO feces, NO eggs, and NO shed skin.

I am by no means an exterminator, nor did I stay in every room. However, I did speak to the manager about what I read online and that fact that I was pleased with what I found in my rooms. Before she knew that I was going to give a compliment, she was very pleasant, open and honest. She went above and beyond to assure that I was a satisfied guest. I'm fairly certain the compliment was well received.

In short, Quality Inn on Manchester is an older hotel that has smaller rooms, but is clean and family friendly. The internet works well. The had a place setup to charge my electric scooter (outdoors). The hot breakfast is much better than a continental breakfast, and is included in the price of your room.
Your room has a coffeemaker, fridge and microwave...and every precaution is taken to prevent bed bugs. No hotel or motel wants them. It is very costly and must be dealt with as quickly as possible to prevent infestations. Which is why, I am told, housekeeping checks each room and every bed, every time it is made up.
Happy & Safe Tavels

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Summer 2014

I have stayed at this Quality Inn off and on over the years with my family when we travel to visit Disneyland. Although this is not our first choice of places to stay, we have always had a satisfactory visit sand NEVER any signs of bed bugs.

Admittedly, I am a little wary seeing the reports on this website. Particularly because I just booked a 3 day stay for this coming weekend.

This particular Quality Inn is a bit older, and smaller. I prefer Comfort Suites, but we wanted

to be close enough for my daughter and son-in-law to be able to walk back to the room if they desire.

I will be armed with knowledge from this and other websites, my glasses, and my flashlight. I will provide an update after our trip! Stay tuned for an HONEST review.

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I stayed 5-nights at the Quality Inn in November 2013. Three days after I got home, I noticed a some bites my legs and stomach. I thought it was weird, but didn't think much of it. That night, my arms started itching like crazy. I was covered with bites! My co-worker and I looked on-line and I definitely had bed bug bites. Research said bites can appear immediately or could take a few days (up to 14). The last of the bites appeared 14 days after I checked out. I had over 80, miserable, bites all

over me. It took several calls before I was able to speak with the manager. She quickly dismissed me and said there were no bugs. No care or concern at all. Very poor customer service. No offer to comp me even one night. I will not stay here again and will tell anyone I can to stay away! Not only for the bed bugs, but for the poor management.

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I stayed at this hotel New Years eve through Jan 2nd. New Years day when I woke up, I had some bites on my arm but I didn't know what they were. I had a problem with the room so I was moved to another room and the next morning when I got up, I had more bites. They itched so badly that I had to put calamine lotion on them but it did not help much. I am now home and am covered with bug bites many of which are big welts. I would NEVER stay at this hotel again.

i stayed at this hotel for a week at the beginning of august. on the last day of our stay i noticed bumps on my arm when boarding the plane. on the drive home my arm was so itchy, when i looked closer i had bites all over my arm and other areas. the next day i went too two doctors and got their opinion and both sayed it was bed bugs. i called the hotel and the manager got back to me and sayed they didnt find bed bugs just bugs all over the floor and rushed me of the phone as quick as possible.

I booked this hotel through hotels.com for the night of June 17th, 2011. The reviews on hotels.com were for the most part positive and it recieved 3.8 out of 5 stars, so I thought it would be a good place...or at least clean. We checked in about 11:00 PM on the 17th after a long day at Disneyland. The room was tiny, it looked as though it had not been vacuumed, the towels on the rack had stains and hair on them. We were pretty exhausted, and were only staying the one night because the next day w

e were off to San Diego early, so I was willing to over look the lack of cleanliness...Until my husband and I laid down on the bed and I noticed the sheets looked a little dirty also, so I lifted u the mattress and saw what looked like crumbs. Well, they weren't crumbs, it was bedbug skin that had been sloughed off. I kept looking closer and found bedbug droppings. The bed didn't even have a fitted sheet on it, it was a top sheet that had been tucked into the sides of the mattress. We also looke at the sheets on the pull out sofa bed and they were even more dirty than the other bed. We had seen enough, so I went to the office and asked the manager for a refund and he very rudely told me that I would have to call hotels.com to get it. So I called them and they refunded my money right away. The manager wasn't interested in coming to check the room out or anything, he didnt even apologise for the bedbugs or dirty room. We packed up all our stuff and went to find a new hotel. We ended up at the Hilton and it was awesome...only 15 more dollars than the Quality Inn and totally worth it!

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